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In addition to being a counselor, I find great value in my family, faith and the outdoors.  I am a family man with the privilege of being a husband and father.  I have been married to my wife since 2012 and have been blessed with five children.  My eldest was born in 2015, my middle three were born in 2019, and my youngest in 2023.  You read that right, triplets!  My Christian faith is also central to who I am and has played a crucial role in developing me into the man and counselor I am today.  Through relationship with Christ and particular men and women of the faith encountered along the way, whom I now consider family, I have realized the transformative power of relationship.  It is in the context of relationship with others that we are provided an opportunity to experience ourselves in a new way.  My experience with family and faith have taught me that healthy relationship has the powerful potential to foster healing, connection and hope.  Another aspect I want to share with you is that I love the outdoors!  Whether it’s taking a short walk to Summit Coffee, going for a bike ride or an extended backcountry camping trip, count me in.  I am a firm believer in self-care, therefore engaging in hobbies and activities that bring me joy are critical to maintaining my own mental health.

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